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Innovative Damper Products

TAMCO dampers feature reliable extruded aluminum design and construction. These ensure airflow control and low leakage performance. Robust damper components are designed for maintenance-free operation. TAMCO's unique slip-proof linkage components maintain blade alignment to factory specifications using hexagon linkage and pivot design elements to ensure flat-on-flat press fits that eliminate play and wear. An innovative, self-lubricating, dual bearing system eliminates metal-to-metal and metal-to-plastic contact with no required bearing maintenance over the estimated service life of over 20 years. TAMCO damper design elements reduce turbulence and pressure losses associated with typical sheet metal, sleeved construction.

TAMCO has a full line of air-foil control dampers and thermally insulated/thermally isolated control dampers. TAMCO's product line also includes back draft dampers, multi-zone dampers, louvers and insect screens.


To learn more about Tamco products, visit the company's Web site.