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Friemel Love has established strong partnerships with some of the leading manufacturers of products and services to the HVAC marketplace. All so we can provide leading technology, unmatched performance and quality by design.

Click below to find out more about each of the manufacturers we represent and why these products will make your projects more successful.

                              Air Enterprises Inc.
                              - Custom air handling systems, including factory and field erected.

                              Aircuity, Inc. - OptiNet
                              - Innovative distributed multi-point air sampling systems for laboratories, vivariums, student centers and populated spaces (TVOCs, CO,
                                CO2, small particles, and others).

                              Badger Meter
                              - Inovative flow metering and control solutions for smart water management.

                              - Thermal Dispersion air flow measurement.

                              L J Wing
                              - Heating and air make-up systems, door heaters, combustion air
                                preheat systems and integral face and bypass coils.

                              Phoenix Controls Corporation
                              - Critical airflow control systems for laboratory, vivarium, isolation rooms
                                and BSL 3 containment areas.

                              - Innovative manufacturer of high performance natural gas and thermal mass flow meters.

                              Strobic Air Corporation
                              - Critical air flow exhaust systems, high-plume, high dilution tri-stack fans.
                              - Single and multiple fan systems.
                              - Heat Recovery.

                              - Engineered packaged pumping systems and controls.

                              - Innovative damper products.

                              - Total Enthalpy Heat Wheel.
                              - Replacement media (MOST manufacturers).